H Pylori Natural Treatment

Of all bacteria that can live in the human body, H pylori are one of the most resilient and tough to treat. There is presently no evidence of any natural treatment that effectively cures H pylori.

There are plenty of prescription regimens that can be utilized to eradicate the infection, but natural treatments that are sold by homeopathic organization seem to do very little to fend off the germs.

Many make claims about natural treatment products that work, but there is no clinical evidence that this is true. Therefore, one should not rely on home remedies to cure the infection especially if you have a family history or stomach cancers or severe peptic ulcers caused by this type of bacteria.

However, H pylori can cause other h pylori symptoms such as those related to peptic ulcers and there are a slew of natural treatments to help with the symptoms of acid production problems that aggravate ulcers.

Natural Treatments for H Pylori-Related Symptoms

Although no natural treatment has been proven to cure H pylori, there are many natural remedies that treat the symptoms one might associate with an H pylori infection. Some people choose to avoid professional treatment for a number of reasons, such as pregnancy, a holistic lifestyle, or belief that H pylori is a natural bacteria that should be in the body.

Of you decide to take on a prescription treatment regimen, be aware that some natural treatments may interact or interfere with stomach acid blockers and antibiotics. However, any time you can reduce the amount of acid in the stomach, you reduce the amount of hospitable space for H pylori germs.

None of these should be used while undergoing a prescription treatment regimen unless a doctor authorizes you to do so. The natural treatments below are not intended to cure H pylori infection, but rather ease the pain of ulcer related symptoms.

Eating Small Meals, Frequently – This is all about making sure that the acid in your stomach has something else to do besides irritate your ulcers. Don’t let the stomach remain empty for too long unless eating and digestion causes you pain.

Avoid Acid Producing Foods – Citrus fruits, fatty foods, and foods that are heavily seasoned will cause your stomach to produce even more acid that will aggravate ulcers. Try to avoid these items whenever possible.

Eat Raw Yogurt – Dairy products are generally off-limits if you have an acid problem. But the probiotics found in raw yogurt can help with digestion and soothe acids in the stomach.

Garlic – (Raw garlic aggravates gastric problem, so this natural treatment should only be used if you can get enteric coated garlic capsules that contain allicin, a component responsible for an immune boost.) Garlic is a natural immune system booster. While evidence shows that our body’s immune system is significantly disabled when it comes to fighting stomach infections, an overall healthy immune system can help to ward off other types of conditions which may aggravate H pylori related conditions.

Natural Treatments for H Pylori Are Not a Cure

If you continue to experience significant discomfort from H pylori related conditions, it is advisable to visit a doctor for help. After conducting test to confirm the presence of an infection, the doctor can prescribe a regimen of medications that are used in combination to target and eradicate the bacteria.

A strict course of antibiotics in conjunction with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) or h2 blockers seem to be the only proven method to cure the infection. H pylori infections can cause gastritis; a swelling of the stomach lining that may stimulate the production of acids in the digestive system.

The overproduction of these acids can erode the lining of the stomach and eventually cause holes in the lining – these are called peptic ulcers. For people who have a family history of cancer, the cells around an ulcer can mutate into stomach cancer.

For these reasons, it is important to stop the infection with antibiotics and stop the production and secretion of acids into the stomach with PPIs and H2 blockers.

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